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The Poet's Tree by Shel Silverstein
The Poet’s Tree by Shel Silverstein

Where the Trees Grow

By Raef

Where the trees grow you will find joy.

Where the trees grow the animals thrive.

Where the trees grow you will find the door to happiness.

Where the trees grow you breathe in the fresh air. 

Take the time to enjoy the trees around you.

Take care of the trees and they will take care of you.

Trees are what we need to live.

Cut down trees and there will be no oxygen.

Trees are the lungs of the Earth.

Trees give us the life we need.

We need trees to live a better life.

If you cut down the trees, replant them.

Trees won’t be here forever unless we plant more.

Be there for the trees and they will be there for you.

Trees are so much more than just a plant.

If trees were not here we would all be dead

Trees are beautiful, just like you.

If there are no trees, there will be no joy and happiness

Where the trees grow you will find joy.

The Hug of a Tree

By: Emelia

Have you ever felt the hug of a tree? 

Oh, such a thing can give you much glee.

Without her kind, you would never have the chance to breathe.

The wispy cold air of winter which we may despise with much colder hate

Is made by this lovely mother tree.

When you hug the mother tree, her twisted branches wrap around you

Like a mother bird grabbing her young.

Although you must imagine the lovely branches of the mother tree.

Because she does not have any to hug you 

Due to the young children.

I’ve seen the children before. 

The ones who do not respect this mother tree. 

They’ve ripped and pulled and picked her limbs

Until she can no longer stand as she used to.

They may have hurt the mother tree

But she remains happy.

When you stargaze with the mother tree,

She offers her trunk for you to rest on

Although, you must imagine the rough trunk of the mother tree

Because she does not have one for your weary head to lay on.

I’ve seen the workers before.

The ones who take our trees for their own good,

And never return them.

They chop and swing and destroy with their massive machines.

Seeing them feels like a bad dream.

When you read with the mother tree,

She offers her lonely stump for you to sit.

Although, you must imagine the stump of the mother tree

Because she does not have one for you to sit on.

I’ve seen them before.

The ones who drive by our forest, leaving their cigarettes on the ground. 

They’ve continued to litter and litter. 

Until one day, the beautiful mother tree was burned down.

She had generosity, for her neighbours.

She shared water through her long roots.

She shared with me, and other visitors of this forest.

Now, she has nothing left to share, nothing left to give.

I’ll beg and I’ll plead, down on knees

Please take good care of our trees!

Autumn Dreams

by Jenna

 The autumn forest, a cozy place to sit down and read

 with the steady breeze flowing past you, and the light of the sun. 

 Oh, how fun it must be. 

 You hear the birds chirping while the mosquitoes are lurking.

 Oh, the peace you feel trapped in your heart,

 what a lovely place to be.

 The beloved feeling of reading in the forest,

 while looking at the leaves.

the wind is howling while leaves are blowing within,

I dream that one day

I can soar through the wind like the leaves,

and if you believe dreams can become reality,

so I believe that I can achieve my dreams.

In the Morning Sun

by Ryan

These woods are full of happiness 

The branches are full of magic leaves


They bring you joy when you need


When fall comes the leaves fall off

But they always come back


As winter falls snow piles up

And still, they stand strong


Their thick branches are great for swinging

You can climb them up to the top


Jump in their leaves from the top   

Save yourself from the drop


Plant them in the ground

Watch them grow 


Trees are such a blessing


By Ashley

I am a tree beautiful and wide, 

Moss runs down my side,

My beautiful bark, warm and brown. 

In the fall my leaves turn red, orange and yellow,

In winter I lose my leaves, 

In the spring I sprout my leaves, 

In each season I have sights to see

Kids climb my branches high and low,

so their parents do know,

Kids recite their names to me, Joe, Iso, and Bo. 

In summer my leaves grow big and small,

I wait for the fall, the years pass by,

Kids get tall, 

They come to see me and give a wave,

Jo brought someone new!

They walk down to my stump,

and place a rock on my trunk,

They start to carve, they want to engrave,

I let them, it doesn’t hurt… much,

Once they’re done I have a scar.
Then they get into a car.

They drive away and leave me be,

I feel like I could shrink.

I wait and wait, and wait, until,
One day they come again,
I´m happy to see them,
I forgave them,
I´m happy to see them,

until they take out an axe,
They cut me down,
I feel I could drown,
I fell down, my branches drooped. 

I waited there like a stump
Once they put me onto a wagon and ran,
I realized they were older, and they didn’t care anymore.
I waited and waited for someone new,
Until I saw him, his name was Joe,

He had grey hair and a cane,

He came and sat on my stump
For the very last time.