What we are doing in OUR community…


After reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss in class, we decided we would create a Website,, to use our voices as young Canadians to speak on behalf of trees, by celebrating all of the wonderful things that trees do to make life better on Earth and take action to protect our trees and forests.

One action we took was to make a presentation to the Mayor of Cochrane, Jeff Genung. Mayor Genung applauded our efforts was very supportive and encouraged us to present our ideas to the Town Council of Cochrane.

Our ideas:

  • Direct Town of Cochrane staff to map out areas where students would be able to plant trees on, or near their school grounds and communicate that information to RockyView Maintenance, Grounds and Caretaking as well as RockyView Schools.
  • Declare the White Spruce as the “Official Tree of Cochrane”
  • Declare the first Saturday in June annually as “Arbor Day” in Cochrane.
  • Town Council would write a letter of support to the Prime Minister of Canada for our idea of a “National Arbor Day” (the Spring date for which can be determined by the Government of Canada)

We plan to follow this up by planting trees on, or near our school during the first week of June. Spray Lake Sawmills, a Local business has agreed to provide us with the tree seedlings and show us how to plant a tree properly.

What can YOUR class to do make a difference for the trees in YOUR community? Please join us and tell us YOUR class story!


A big first Step!


A big first step!


Hello everyone!


In case you missed it, our class made local history!

On Monday, May 9th at the Cochrane Town Council meeting, the Mayor and ALL Town Councillors voted UNANIMOUSLY to support ALL of our proposals!!!!!

This is the debate and vote, which took under 15 minutes.

I am SO PROUD of my students for their research, their learning, their preparation, their presentation skills and their passion.

They are truly making a difference in our community, and perhaps beyond!

With pride,

Mr Belsey


We did it! Planting day!


This is a teaching and learning story about trying to meld the citizenship, democracy, and governmental responsibilities themes found in the very good Alberta grade six Social Studies curriculum with the Trees of Alberta, environmental and citizen-scientist themes associated with the Alberta grade six Science curriculum in ways that are engaging and meaningful… A big shout-out to my students and those who supported their ideas, namely Mayor Jeff Genung, the Cochrane Town Council, the Town of Cochrane Parks staff, led by Angie Basha, and Howard Pruden of Spray Lake Sawmills. The students made three proposals; to establish the first Saturday each June as “Arbor Day” in Cochrane, to recognize the White Spruce as the “Official Tree of Cochrane” and to support our class in planting trees in our community. All three of my students’ submissions to the Cochrane Town Council were supported unanimously! On June 24, 2022, the culmination of their efforts this school year came to fruition when my students planted over 100 trees! Thank you again to Howard Pruden of Spray Lake Sawmills for donating the White Spruce seedlings, Tim Giese of Branches and Banks, along with Town of Cochrane Parks staff who taught my students how to plant properly, we couldn’t have accomplished our goals without you! 



What You can do in YOUR community…

  • Plant a tree in Canada as a gift and send a personalized card. Honour friends & loved ones by restoring Canada’s forests.